The Faerie Handbook

In this exquisite anthology, Editor in Chief Carolyn Turgeon, Grace Nuth, and the editors of Faerie Magazine welcome you into an enchanted realm rich with myth, mystery, romance, and abundant natural beauty. Organized into four sections—Flora and Fauna, Fashion and Beauty, Arts and Culture, and Home, Food, and Entertaining—this gorgeous volume offers an array of exquisite vintage and contemporary fine art and photography, literature, essays, do-it-yourself projects, and recipes that provide hours of reading, viewing, and dreaming pleasure, along with a multitude of ideas for modern-day living and entertaining with a distinctive fairy touch.

With an inset image on the front cover, ornate silver foil patterning on the front, spine, back, and edges, and a satin bookmark, The Faerie Handbook is an eye-catching volume for fairy fans of all ages. 

Praise for The Faerie Handbook

“This handbook is a love letter to those who find themselves drifting between two worlds- the mystical flower kingdom and our mundane reality… As the ultimate fairy tale, this handbook is a must read and should be in every fairy lover’s collection.”
—The Luminessence Blog


“A thick, lavender tome that will serve as your guide to all things related to the faerie kingdom. I was swept off my feet by this charming book, which filled me with nostalgia and provided a visual feast for my eyes…this is a book is a must-have.”
—Elizabeth Sherman, Food & Wine


“From the editors of Faerie Magazine comes The Faerie Handbook—a lush, dreamy anthology of myth and mysticism, with stories, recipes, and projects divided among four sections: Flora and Fauna; Fashion and Beauty; Arts and Culture; and Home, Food, and Entertaining.”
—Buzzfeed Books Gift Guide 2017


 “This utterly charming, absolutely beautiful book gives insight into so very many aspects of Faerie. I almost wish I could come to it not knowing much about faeries; it would then be an amazing voyage of discovery. Even with my knowledge, I was still surprised and enchanted! I love it!”
—Wendy Froud, author of Brian Froud's Faeries' Tales and The Heart of Faerie Oracle


“One of the most beautiful books ever to grace a bookshelf…. To say that The Faerie Handbook is, in itself, a work of art, is an understatement. It is also a most remarkable literary endeavor by a team that are, without a doubt, experts in their field.”
—June McInerney, June’s Literary Blog


“A beautiful book with a huge amount of respect for faerie, layered with a heavy understanding of historical creation and context, folklore, and fairy tale. The illustrations and photography are gorgeous. This is a definitive compendium, full of lore and legend.”
—Leah Rachel von Essen,


“The collected artwork alone in this volume is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. And of course the photography by Kirsty Mitchell and Katerina Plotnikova is not to be missed. Literally every single page is something to pause for and savor… even the end pages!”
—Naomi Farr,


“Every page of The Faerie Handbook is gorgeous, and it’s jam-packed with high-quality photographs and prints of famous faerie-related artwork throughout the last few centuries.”
—Jana Nyman,


“Faerie Magazine is known for its surreal, sumptuous illustrations, and The Faerie Handbook by Carolyn Turgeon and the editors is no exception. Perfect for the romantic on your list, the anthology is divided into four sections: Flora and Fauna; Fashion and Beauty; Arts and Culture; and Home, Food, and Entertaining.”
—Baltimore Sun Gift Guide 2017


“…striking and elaborate… the perfect gift for that fairy enthusiast you know.”
—Amy Steele,


“I can see this having the same impact on a new generation of readers as Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s Faeries did way back in 1978. It’s brimful of everything faerie, from gorgeous art to any number of fascinating tidbits of lore, with plenty of hands-on projects to while away the winter months.”
—Charles de Lint
Julie Trelstad